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Kinloch Sheepdogs is an ISDS Registered Agent for Artificial Insemination. We specialize only in top-class working border collies, which we hand pick.
We are not an all-breeds registry and we are selective in the dogs we carry.

Frozen semen is available from the following carefully selected dogs. Please note this list is in alphabetical order of the owner of the dog. Click on the links to view more information about each dog.

Eligible Breedings
Semen provided by Kinloch Sheepdogs on behalf of stud dog owners is available only for breedings with ISDS-registered bitches, or those registered with a national registry approved by the ISDS (such as the ABCA, CBCA etc). If in doubt, please ask as each stud dog owner approves the breeding.

Packaging of Semen and Pricing
For each dog we ship sufficient straws or pellets of semen for one breeding. The number of pellets or straws is determined by our vets but it is typically two straws or four pellets, although the number can vary depending upon the Semen Evaluation Report from each collection. All semen is packaged by the vets using standard UK pellets or straws. Please note that the standard pellet size used in the UK is different to many countries, including the USA. Most of the semen provided by us is now stored in straws due to the better identification possible on straws.

Prices include the cost of the semen, the stud fee paid to the sire owner, semen collection, assessment and freezing, storage costs in the UK, and submission of the mating details to the ISDS (within 21 days of the insemination).

Success Rates
Depending on the AI technique used, the ability of those performing the AI and the bitch environment, breeders should only expect a 65 to 85% success rate and usually somewhat smaller litters would be noted. Failures will happen. If you are wanting a 100% guarantee of a live litter from AI, AI is NOT for you. While success rates are generally quite good, sometimes a pregnancy does not occur. The AI specialist vets we use to collect semen assess the quality of the semen and determine if it meets quality standards for export. If it is not export quality, the stud dog owners keep the semen for their own use. This has happened with several older stud dogs

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs and any applicable taxes or import duties are extra and charged at cost only. Because of the costs of shipping, where possible we try to pool customer orders so shipping costs are shared equally among all customers.

Transporting Semen by Private Motor Vehicle
If you are visiting the UK from Europe and want to transport semen home in your vehicle, we may be able to offer a disposable shipping tank for you to take semen with you. This is available from our Gatwick-based vet only. Please contact us for country specific details, and semen availability.This can only be offered to those who can ensure the semen is placed into appropriate long-term storage facilities within 3 days from the time of pickup.

ISDS Registration of Litters
Kinloch Sheepdogs has an ISDS-registered agent for Artificial Insemination for several years. We are authorized to submit AI Notification cards (mating details) to the ISDS for litter registration purposes. For ISDS registration purposes, the sire and dam must be registered and eye tested according to the ISDS Rules of Registration. All sires available for AI listed on this site are ISDS registered and eye-tested according to ISDS rules. In addition ALL are DNA CEA tested as normal. As a service to our European customers almost all of the dogs for which we supply semen are dual registered with the British Kennel Club

* Please not that the AI Mating card is different than the regular mating card. Do not use the regular ISDS mating card for AI breedings.

Semen Request and Waiver Form
Our standard Semen Request and Waiver form must be completed by the purchaser outlining the breeding to be done, and this is reviewed and approved by the appropriate stud dog owner(s) prior to the semen being shipped or released to customers. Each stud dog owner reserves the right to refuse a proposed breeding. This Semen Request and Waiver form clearly outlines the Semen Quality and Date of Collection. It is the responsibility of the bitch owner to satisfy themselves as to the risks involved in AI before signing this Waiver form. We do not offer refunds or replacements on semen where the Waiver form has been signed and the semen has been shipped. To review the Semen Request and Waiver Form, click here.

We reserve the right to cancel the sale of semen to any individual. We strive to give customers comprehensive and accurate information that will help inform any AI decisions. If you are considering AI, we strongly advise you consult a specialist AI veterinarian with a proven track record of successful AIs to discuss this.

For more information on these dogs, please contact Angie for details at

Click here for a short guide to Artificial Insemination.


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