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Kelvin is a Maori from the Ngai Tahu tribe of the South Island of New Zealand. Originally an elementary school teacher, and before that a baker, Kelvin left New Zealand for the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the hard slog of a Ph.D. - thanks to a scholarship from his Ngai Tahu tribe. Kelvin went on to become a university professor in Canada and the U.S.A, as well as an educational consultant with the Arizona State Government and the Government of Alberta in Canada. He has also worked in a consulting capacity with a large oil and gas company in Canada. For the last few years, Kelvin has been an Assistant Professor in Education at the University of Calgary in Canada and an Adjunct Professor at Northern Arizona University in the U.S where he taught 'virtually' through the internet to students around the world. In 2009 Kelvin started teaching again in a primary school and he is also designing and illustrating several children's books.

Kelvin is a wildlife enthusiast, budding botanist, bee-keeper, dog-lover, cook, photographer, computer geek, potter, and runner. His 'other'passion (other than his dogs) is running and he's been fortunate enough to win a few marathons including the Calgary Marathon (8 times), the Royal Victoria Marathon (5 times), and still, to this day, is the marathon record holder of the Calgary Marathon with a time set in 1991! Kelvin has also represented New Zealand three times at the World Mountain Running Championships. He lives to run in the mountains, hills, trails, fells, and anywhere he can commune with nature.

Kelvin represented New Zealand at the 2008 World Sheepdog Trials in Llandeilo, Wales, with his first dog, Blade. In 2016 Kelvin and his homebred dog, Kinloch Levi, won his day at the Welsh National with a score of 209/220 and later that day, competed in the runoff finishing as the Reserve Welsh Champion. In their first International at Tywyn, he was 5th overall in qualification and went on to finish 7th in the Supreme. They captained the Welsh Team at the 2017 World Sheep Dog Trials held in the Netherlands.

Angie was born in the UK but moved to New Zealand as a young lass. She grew up a running enthusiast and when not running over the sand dunes or through the surf she was off visiting her grandparents' farms. After completing degrees in Physical Education and Marketing at Otago University in NZ, she was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to do her Ph.D. in Canada. When she finished her Ph.D., she became a University Professor and a consultant in the Federal Government of Canada until the allure of the private sector enticed her to start a successful consulting practice. She has published articles on marketing in international journals and books, and been invited to speak at various conferences. In 2007 she 'retired' from the corporate world to spend time with her border collies.

Angie manages a small, 70 acre farm, Ffos Y Fran, in Wales, and trains and competes with her dogs. In her 10th year of trialling, Angie has already been a 6-time Welsh team member having represented Wales at the 2011 World Sheepdog Trials in Cumbria, England with Meg. In 2012 Meg and Angie were Reserve Welsh Champions and represented Wales at the 2012 International in Cardiff. They were reserves for the Welsh team for the 2013 International. In 2015 they once again qualified to represent Wales at the International in Scotland. In 2016 Angie qualified for the Welsh team with 2 year old Kinloch Pippi, a daughter of Meg and finished 18th overall at the International in Tywyn. In 2017, Kinloch Pippi won their day of the Welsh National and went on to win the final runoff to become the 2017 Welsh National Champions. Angie and Pippi will captain the Welsh team at the 2017 International in Northleach, England.

Angie was the webmaster for the 2008 and 2011 World Sheep Dog Trials. She also designed and produced the Official Souvenir programmes for both events. In 2009, Angie wrote, designed and published her first book 'The World of Sheepdogs: A Photographic Tribute' to share her passion for border collies and admiration for those who know how to handle them! Her second book, zenspirations - the power of PAWsitive thinking, a light-hearted book of quotes paired with beautiful photos of border collies, was published in March 2011. Angie also designed and produced the Souvenir Programme for the 2012 International Sheep Dog Trials and managed the International website. She also designed the South Wales Sheep Dog Trials Association website. In 2014, Angie designed the Souvenir Programme for the 2014 World Sheepdog Trial and published her second, and final, World of Sheepdogs book 'The World of Sheepdogs: Through the Lens.'


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