H.E.L.L.O! My name is Bailey. I'm the pet, mascot and spoilt brat at Ffos Y Fran. To know me is to love me. I like to bark my greetings - and farewells. Come to think of it, I bark when I am excited, and that's quite often. I love cats, rabbits, moles, and, when I lived in Canada, I liked gophers, too. I'm not a real sheepdog, more a running pal for Angie, but I've been known to drove sheep in Scotland (they didn't mess with me!) and my shedding prowess is legendary! I like to herd Kelvin and Angie, especially when they go running together. I keep an eye on both of them and make sure they stay together! While sheep are not my forte, I'm an agility princess.

Born: 25/11/03 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Died: 09/04/2014 at Ffos Y Fran, Wales

Well, if truth be told, I have a bit of a princess complex. But being completely adorable, in a quirky kind of a way, who can blame me? I AM the smartest here. None of the others know how to hunt moles, catch a frisbee or defend the farm against intruders or errant vacuum cleaners. They just like sheep, sheep and more sheep. Me, on the other hand, I am much more well-rounded in my hobbies, interests and talents.

There must be a mouse in here somewhere.

Mouse pouncing mode.
Brecha Forest - where we live.
Carrot Thief
Bailey at work in her role as mole excavator in Wales
Digging for gophers in Canada
On holiday in Scotland: Bailey enjoying the nightly walk/run and stop at the 'watering hole' for a swin. She is still sporting her red keel mark she received when we were marking lambs the day before we left on our trip.
Bailey digging for moles

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