Kelvin's very handsome rough coated dog Blade
Blade is a tremendous dog around the farm, working quietly and gently with lambs and purposefully with their mothers. Blade loves nothing more than to gather on the hill and will do so all day if asked...and with a smile on his face.

He is a superb hill dog and can handle any kind of terrain. Blade is excellent at finding sheep on the hill. He can be sent blind to sheep and listens carefully for directions as to the location of his sheep. He has a cool head under pressure, and works just as well in the sheep pens as he does on the hill.

Blade has a superb nature, always friendly and positive, and loves to learn new things. He is dog that can be relied on 100% to get a job done, and he wants for nothing more than to do more work. His stamina is phenomenal.

Blade started trialling mid-2006. In his third trial at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, he won each of two runs to take the overall Novice title.

The following weekend, Kelvin and Blade won the 2006 Alberta Novice Championship at the Alberta Field Finals.

Alberta, Canada novice champions 2006They have placed several times in Open competition and also completed in double lift competitions. They won their first Open Trial in August 2011. Blade and Kelvin also competed at the 2008 World Sheepdog Trials for their home country, New Zealand.

Blade's Stats
DOB: 21 April 2004
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Blade working Beulahs
Blade working Beulahs
Blade driving sheep
Blade swimming
Blade shaking water off

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