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April 18, 2012: Belly Aching and Graffiti...

Boys, quit the belly aching about me hosting a girls-only trial! To steal a North American phrase "take a valium." Sheesh! Have I been taking some ribbing about this!!! I am undeterred! The trial is full...bursting at the seams, actually...and I am totally stoked to say there are ladies entered who have never been on a trial field before, or who have rarely entered a trial. Got to love that! I've managed to round up some trial sheep, thanks to Nigel (Watkins) and Janet, and the sheep will be here well in advance of the trial so they can be run in small groups to prepare them for trialling. All I need is a judge! There must be one brave soul out there.... Don't worry'll get your turn when we put on a hill trial in the winter. We'll really hear some belly aching when you see the course for that!

Over the last week I've had a bit of fun... it's not everyday one gets a blank canvas to do some graffiti!

Now this one is for all those who are not sure how to pronounce Sioux (Sue!)...we've heard all sorts of variants...

Of course, restorative justice saw me pay for my sins and now almost the entire shed (in which our kennel is located) is white. And if you think white is far too staid for Kelvin's flamboyance, you're right! He has big plans for this very fresh blank canvas. Stay tuned!

We were off trialling on the weekend and Kelvin and Blade kicked my ass fairly and squarely. Just shy of his 8th birthday, Blade has hit his stride. Now if Kelvin had managed to shed nicely, he could have had it all! Aw! They had to settle for 2nd place, while my youngster, Keeper, made it into a very surprising 5th place...without completing the chute. In the afternoon trial, Penny had probably the fastest run of the day and a few loops of the chute for good measure...and still snuck into 6th place (goodness knows how!!!). A friend of mine said to me recently that she was sick and tired of reading about my pen and chute disasters. Well all I can say this week is that I got tremendous value for money. I paid £10 to enter two dogs and got to run around the chute about 10 times...£1.00 per round. Not bad, eh? You can't even buy popcorn at the movies for that price. The only thing I won on the day was a raffle prize. Thank you to the donor.

Now Kelvin and I have this little family competition...he beats me, I cook. I beat him, he cooks. That was the rule set by Kelvin. Now it's my turn to do some belly aching! I want a rule clarification. If he beats me in the morning and I beat him in the afternoon, how come I have to cook??? Surely that's a draw (...and he should cook since he CAN cook and I cannot?).

Trial season has well and truly started. Yippee! Gutted, really gutted to see there is no Selattyn this year. I'd been doing some secret 'stretch' training over the winter to make me just a little taller in the (very remote) chance I made a final again. I need a bit of height so that I can see over the stand of trees that sit smack bang in the middle of the course, obscuring the turn back. Now what am I to do with all my new found height? I'll get down on my knees and pray that Selattyn will be back in 2013.

Oh...lambing is finally over for this year. The last lamb was a huge ram lamb, almost the size of our 3 and 4 week old lambs. It took a couple of days for him to find his balance on his gigantic legs and to lift his weight (!) but he's getting the hang of things now. His mother is snotty and over protective! Poor Keeper has taken a pummelling from her but he's starting to defend himself well. Good boy!

Till next time, happy trialling!

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