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January 24, 2012: Dear Dogs...

...I am now fit enough to run up the hill. That means, you decide me whistling a stop whistle was really meant for the birdies...and well...I'm coming. Mind you, if I am down in the training field and you are on the hill, it means it'll take a bit of time for me to get to you...but if you hear heavy, HEAVY puffing, wheezing and some new words you might not recognize, you probably should just stop what you are doing and put on your most angelic face. Do you dogs all now know why I've been standing on the hill and you've been working your way downhill this week? ...I've smartened up! Gravity is a marvellous thing when you train young dogs.

Yep, the weather has been grand (until today) so I've had the dogs working on the hill as much as possible. I'm having to manage time quite carefully as the dog project has kicked into full gear so there are days when training is done in the early morning and last thing in the afternoon with dog testing taking up the bulk of the day. It keeps me hopping! Some days it feels like military precision!

Yesterday we were ecstatic as Kobe smashed the maze record... 13.32 seconds. This is 4 seconds faster than the previous record held by Jai. We are betting this will be the fastest time ever! (Pity the video operator didn't push the start button - it wasn't me!). If anyone wants to come give the maze a try, you're welcome to do so. We're looking for upwards of 200 dogs to do the maze and half that to go through the full test battery assessing how dogs think. Call me if you are interested! Please!

I've attacked the weeds in my garden. As I look out the window of the cottage, the garden in front of the window was a disgrace....more weeds than shrubs and flowers. So the other night a tractor arrived into the yard...our neighbour...with partial payment for some cattle grazing on our field on the other side of the road to the main farm. Payment...a huge bag full of bark chips. This has now been duly spread over the garden. If I can't see the weeds, they're not there, right? More bark chips to come. More weeds to not see. Yay. Next time I'm going to wear gloves to get the bark from the bag to the wheelbarrow. My hands feel like sandpaper.

I am slowly, pitifully slowly, clearing the front garden for a 'redesign' of the layout. A dead tree right in the middle of the yard was evicted over the weekend and the gravel is slowly being raked up and shovelled into piles. My poor back. Still haven't painted the kitchen...mental note, must buy the paint!

Kelvin is back from his school trip to Kenya. He's still going through his photos but we will post them on our website. We have had trouble with photo software, which partly explains our dismal (and non-existant) photo gallery updates for 2011. We WILL get this sorted out - eventually! Kelvin's next trip is to India, which will be his third trip there. I've been trying to encourage him to go back up north to Darjeeling...but he's going south to warmer climes this time around. Drat...I was SO hoping he would get me another of my favourite winter hats. Oh well...the one I have should last a long time...unless a dog gets's been known to happen.

Well I will sign off there and head outside where some enthusiastic dogs are waiting ...rain or shine, the show must go on.







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