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February 1, 2012: I finally did it!

Yep, I finally took myself off to the paint store and bought some paint to splash around our kitchen. After a day of aerial acrobatics, the kitchen is slowly losing its blue sheen for something brighter. Whoever would paint a kitchen blue? I thought I could get away with three coats of paint, but alas it is to be four (and hopefully not more). More climbing ladders in store for me. Kelvin very kindly held the ladder last night as I scaled the heights of a vaulted room. The age of chivalry is still alive.

We have a couple of inches of snow on the ground, deeper on the hill and fields at the top of the farm. It is bitterly cold here this morning. Although the sun is shining, the wind chill is brutal. The ground is hard as a rock. Yesterday I was out training a young dog who was seeing snow for the first time. His focus on the sheep never waivered, although he was picking up his feet as if dancing through a field of daffodils. Cute. Not so cute was the fact that the gate to the puppy play area blew open in the wind freeing two 'captives' into the main training field. It was the squeals of glee that first caught my attention, quickly followed by two little arrows making a beeline for me and the sheep about 300 yards away. Thankfully Safi and Gina were distracted before they got all the way to me and the situation was quickly remedied. These girls sure like room to move. On Saturday they were allowed out the gate to the hill. Big mistake...they were gone to explore this new playground. They will soon learn about a collar and a lead. Right now they are starting to learn to eat from their own bowls...and not steal from each others' bowls.

Last week I finally got my hair cut ...the last haircut was about 6 months ago. Yikes. The hairdresser said "How short?". "Very" came my reply...and off it came. Yes, indeed, very short! The next day I was over visiting a friend. It was to be a quick trip. ...and then I was invited in for supper! OMG, what to do? what to do? I'd have to take my hat off and reveal my scalping. I've been known to eat meals with my hat on, but it isn't polite in someone else's home. I managed to weasel my way out of supper and 'save face' for another day....hopefully when my hair grows back a bit. At least I might not have to get a haircut for another 6 months. I'd rather go to the dentist than a hairdresser....all those sprays and perfumes in the salons assault the senses! Not the best place to be for someone allergic to fragrances! Why could I not have an allergy to chocolate? That is a rhetorical question! Speaking of the dentist...I've got a tooth ache. Driving me nuts. I soon might have to make my first trip to a Welsh dentist. Ah, banish the thought...time to get to work! Adios.







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