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February 7, 2012: He told me not to do it...

...but since when have I ever listened to a man? Perhaps I should, now and then. I finished off painting the kitchen...well almost...and during this process, a horrible old display cabinet was evicted. It was in need of evicting. When we moved it to paint behind, the top piece broke into pieces, while the bottom piece was a bit wobbly. Kelvin told me not to move the bottom piece until he got home as it was too heavy for one person. Oh yeah, even for superwoman??? So, I decided to move it...on my own. I got it all the way out the door and almost up the steps into the yard back decided to pack a sad! Ouch! I've been suffering ever since...but not to worry, the pain in my tooth is worse! Yes, a trip to the dentist is on the agenda this week.

We have had totally wild weather. From snow and frigid temperatures to sunshine and +8 degrees C conditions. Saturday was not nice! I was up on the hill checking the sheep and wished I had put on a warmer coat. The dogs didn't seem to mind. We had a hunt over our place on Saturday too. A fox hunt. Last week I saw the biggest fox I have ever seen sauntering right across our hill. I hollered out to it and it stopped to take a good look at me...and the dogs. What a beautiful animal. Given its size, it would easily take our lambs! Our neighbours saw three foxes on our field ...and only two were caught in the hunt. Hopefully the magnificent animal I saw evaded the hunt...and leaves our lambs alone during lambing.

Training has been a bit of a mixed bag and with the awful weather on Saturday, I decided to light the fire, put the finishing touches on the painting of the kitchen and chill out for the day. The dogs had a welcomed day off...aside from a couple of brisk walks. The next day was positively spring-like and so we made up for lost time spending the entire day outside and on the move. After all the recent press coverage in the UK over a resurgence of vitamin D deficiency, I doubt this is anything I'll ever have to contend with. If only I could bottle it for resale! I've got a good cure for insomnia too... plain old hard work.

My dogs have done quite a bit of running in the forest over the last week. It's been a bit of a slog, though, first running through snow and then running on sheets of ice. The logging trucks had been in making a right mess of my running trails. How dare they! A couple of motorbikes have also been along some of my favourite trails making a right mess too. They tend to like going on the softest parts of the trails, gouging them as they go. This means more puddles for me...grrrr.

The sun is shining today although there is a hard frost. Might be a good day to take photos! Ciao!

P.S. My new pup called Spice is coming soon. Stay tuned!


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