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June 4, 2012:

Our swarm of bees, mentioned last week, have gone. With the help of a roofing ladder, amongst other things, we made a beeline (excuse the pun) for the swarm firmly ensconced on the chimney. It wasn't a happy ending for the bees, unfortunately. However, we have some bees coming for the hives, and hopefully they will stay there!

On Saturday, all of our sheep were clipped at our neighbour's place. Bee, Blade and Kelvin took the first batch of 50+ down the night before to be housed indoors overnight. Penny and Keeper took the last 200+ down midday on Saturday. Penny got the job of gathering them off the hill early in the morning and did an impressive job. Some of the ewes were found in the hayfield, which is not where they should have been. Time to get the new gate installed! The young dogs loved droving the sheep down the road, and bringing them back in various bunches throughout the late afternoon and early evening. Our ram, W.O (named after our friend, the late W.O. (Will) Watkins), put on quite a performance! He was in no mood to lose his very thick coat of wool. The first shearer gave up on him so he was passed to another shearer to try to tame the beast. No way in heck did he want his belly clipped! Quite the sod he was. I think Will would have got a giggle out of all of his antics. The last ewe to be clipped gave us the most impressive fleece off the day. It was so perfect, I wanted to keep it out of the wool sack...The clipping got finished just ahead of the rain. Perfect timing.

After doing chores, I crashed in a heap and watched the final of The Voice. Now you all know I like talent contests, particularly singing contests. Singing is something I cannot do (I should say 'one of the many' things I cannot do!)...not a single note in tune can I sing. I can whistle a tune now and then, even on my (sheepdog) whistle, but hold a vocal note (a nice sounding one) is nigh on impossible. Hence my total admiration for those who can sing. I had been a massive fan of Ruth Brown, and by golly I'll be buying her albums in the future, but with her out of the competition, my interest in the program had waned somewhat. But with nothing else better to do, I turned on the ipad to watch the show.

...and then Leanne Mitchell sang James Brown's "It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World"...which BLEW ME AWAY! Watch it HERE. ...(singing) "This is a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl" - yep, yep, yep. Totally loved Leanne's version of this song. Even brought tears to my eyes ...her voice is AMAZING! Top class! Leanne was a well deserved winner of The Voice competition IMHO! Her coach, Sir Tom Jones (a very famous Welsh singer from Pontypridd in South Wales) said of her win: “It gives me confidence there is justice in this world.” Yes, sometimes there is! Will be buying her album too!

No trialling for me this week due to some niggling injuries in my team but Kelvin went off to the Cwmdu trial with Bee and Blade and had the pleasure of a first Open trial win with Bee! Super!!! Next week we will be off to Clun. Can't wait! This is one of my favourite trials as it is a tricky course and big enough to get into all sorts of trouble! Should be fun. Got a couple of wee trips lined up in the coming week so it will be nice to have some time away from the farm and, injuries permitting, a chance to run some dogs away from home.

Till next time, happy trialling and be kind.



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