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March 10, 2013: Continuing Misadventures of a Welsh Shepherdess

The weather has turned frigid here in Wales, so that means one thing...lambing time at Ffos Y Fran. We started the week with a prolapse in one new mother. Oh goody! After struggling unsuccessfully on my own, gimpy ankle and all, to put things back in the right place, my neighbours came over to help. It took three of us to hold the ewe still (she was not happy!) and fashion a harness, which we stitched into the wool of the ewe. After completing the task, I had to race off to the vet. On arriving home, the harness we had made had broken and the ewe had prolapsed again. Of course it started raining, so ankle deep in mud, Kelvin placed a new harness on the ewe which he had fashioned from a piece of one of my training lines. This held until the next day when we could purchase a ewe spoon and make improvements to the harness, both of which worked magic on the ewe. A shot of anti-inflammatories did its job too. So far, so good. This is the first prolapse we have had in our flock.

I was up bright and early on Thursday morning to head north to rondevu with a ride for a dog going to the Continent. I set off just after 4.30am and had quite an uneventful drive, albeit through thick fog and equally thick traffic. Arriving at my destination at the appointed time, 8.30, I walked the dog and Bailey, who was along for the ride, and waited. 8.30 came and went...9.30 came and went...oh-oh! A few texts and phone calls later...I was 12 hours early!!! Now I am almost always early but shoot, not by that much. Plan B! God only knows how Kelvin and I both understood the meeting time to be 8.30 AM! Not happy. Anyway, thanks to a friend who took the dog to the meeting place at 8.30PM, I was able to head home to check on the sheep and dogs. No action in the lambing field today.

Late in the week I decided it was long past time for my semi-annual haircut! I really hate haircuts...not the actual haircut but sitting in a hair salon with ladies with coiffed hair and all those scented smells. It's not a great place to go when one has fragrance allergies! I spend all my time trying hard not to sneeze. Luckily I walked in half an hour early for my appointment, was served immediately, and was out of there in under half an hour...well shorn! Time for a quick 'run' around Tesco and back to check the sheep.

Now Tesco...mid morning means one thing...fresh, warm chocolate croissants. One, I said to myself, ONE as I walked to the counter. Of course, I came away with two...and just as well. As I stole back to the truck, contemplating these two warm delicacies in my bag, I guilty thought of Kelvin and his not very interesting lunch. Ah well, what he doesn't know, doesn't hurt him, right? I gave a wee end to Bailey, took a bite, put the croissant down to put the truck in reverse, reversed out of the parking spot, and looked over at Bailey to see MY croissant almost fully engulfed by her mouth! I rescued a centrimetre...all covered in slobber....and promptly disposed of it. Damn dog! Oh well, I had two and only really needed one so perhaps this was as it should be. I drove away from Tesco with the second croissant firmly in my hand. As I got to the last set of lights to go through before home, the light turned orange on me...and I continued through these lights. As I got to the other side of the intersection, blue lights started flashing behind me. SH*T! Police. I put the remains of my croissant down, pulled over...and the police car drove past me. BIG sign of relief... and where was the rest of my croissant? Yep, you guessed it...gone. Bailey looked oh-so pleased with this wee trip down town. All up, I think we ended up with one each.

This weekend we managed to get the training sheep in for footvaxing, feet trimming and a few other bits and pieces, plus adminster medication to the prolapsed ewe. We also had the in-lamb ewes in the pen to do a good check on them. All looks good. Thankfully my ankle mostly held up to this so I decided to head up the hill to check on the sheep still on the hill. I took Cian along with me so he could gather these ewes. No problems with those girls but the walk up and down the hill wasn't the best of ideas! I am paying for it this morning! While my ankle has come a long way in 10 days, thanks to having daily ultrasound treatments and anti-inflammatories, it can't yet tolerate walking on anything rough! Smooth surfaces are fine but rough ground or anything up or down, not so good. Frustrating!!!! Still, I am mobile again and managing to train (or maybe 'exercise' is a better descriptor) a few of the more experienced dogs. The younger dogs will have to wait a little longer. At least things are progressing in the right direction and much faster than first feared!

Nothing else to report. We're in for a wickedly cold start to the week. Keep warm!





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