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March 19, 2013: Is it Spring Yet?

Well...the daffodils are up and I had to 'weed' the concrete outside the kennels this there are some encouraging signs. ...but then again, we were shrouded in the cold, white stuff on the perhaps we're just being teased a bit.

We had a superb start to the weekend with lovely warm sunshine. Out we got with a video camera, dog and sheep - one hour I figured before the rain, sleet and snow hit. I decided to let the pups out into the play area while we took some video of the older dogs. Bad idea! The little sods have not only found an escape route that takes them up the hedge on the side of the field, they found an escape hatch to the neighbour's field. With glee in their hearts...and squealing, yes, squealing with delight, they were running fleet footed and fancy free across the field the direction of the neighbour's lambs. ...and that's about all you can hear on the video. Thankfully they all have good recalls and order was restored before they actually got to the ewes and lambs, which were at the far end of the field and hidden from view. A wee heart fluttering moment.

Safely tucked back in their kennels, we did get a wee bit of video before heading onto the next project - putting wire on new fenceline. Since my job is only to pound in the fence posts, I left Kelvin to his devices to put on the wire. Within 10 minutes I heard him pounding a post in deeper and then a yelp of pain. I turned in time to see him unceremoniosly fall into the ditch. It looked like he had fallen unconscious! Fearing the worst, I started to hobble up the hill as fast as I could ...until I heard from *#!%***~## words coming from the ditch and realized he was still alive. Trying to contain my laughter, I politely inquired "what happened?" - knowing full well he had hit himself in the head with the post pounder. I got quite the detailed account of the 'how,' to which I am still in utter amazement. I tried hard to conceal my astonishment! He should have known better than to try doing women's work!

Oh, I did test drive my ankle yesterday with a run of almost 100 metres. Let's just say, it is temporary non-success!!! I'll try again in a few days. Sad face!

The only news of any note is WALES 31 - England 3 in the Six Nations Regby. That, by any standards, is called a thrashing.







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