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March 9, 2012: She's Back

Yep, little Sioux has not only defied the odds but also surprised me once again by making, what appears to be, a full recovery from her toe surgery. I am now cautiously optimistic about her future trial prospects. We'll be taking things quietly for a while yet but believe me, I have a big smile on my face seeing her run freely again. She is so happy to be kicking up her heels....although grossly unfit! Seven or eight months on crate rest will do that to anyone! I have asked myself my times over the past few months whether it was worth putting Sioux through this surgery...and the answer now is yes, it has been worth it. Irrespective of how she performs on the trial field, to see how happy she is to be able to run has been worth every penny, every worry. Sioux's quality of life has vastly improved over the past month and it shows in her demeanour. Hopefully I can get her fully fit again and onto the trial field, but only time will tell.

Not only has Sioux begun a fitness program, so have I. This morning I started weight training....hill repetitions carrying a 21kg pack on my back....otherwise known as my annual assault on thistles and gorse. Brutal. Two reps of that and my gluteus maximus supersizeimus was aching. I am going to be sorry in the morning! I am SO unfit. On the third repetition I chickened out and opted for a downhill thistle attack. It is very demoralizing seeing how much work is still ahead of me but imagine how fit I will soon be! I do have a plan to use my truck to haul the pack up the hill... I'm not sure how I am going to do my usual run in the forest tomorrow but I will tell you this, I did find and remove the offending stick that led to my puddle belly flop last month. At least tomorrow, when I can't lift my feet very high, I will have one less obstacle to worry about.

We are still lambless here but judging by the amount of lounging around in the maternity ward, it won't be long before we hear bleating. Can't wait!

Time to get outside again and move some gravel around.


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