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May 10, 2012: It's Raining Again

In last week's blog I made two predictions....

1. That the sun would shine somewhere, if not in Wales. Well the sun sure didn't shine here. We've had torrential rain... OK, even I am getting peeved with the rain. Despite my 'puddle phobia' while out running, I do enjoy a bit of rain. But come on! Enough is enough. Yesterday I was out in it all day...13 hours...soaked to the skin. Today is going to be the same. Please, please let us have sunshine in Wales. We need our grass to grow and if the saying "the rain washes your troubles away" is true, I'm good for another lifetime.

2. My second prediction was that I would get another chance to make a fool of myself out on the trial field. OH YES, DID I GET THAT ONE RIGHT! Yep, yep, yep. I can say I had one of my worst ever handling performances on the weekend. OK, well, little Sioux did me proud by making it into the placings twice, but poor Penny had to suffer me. Guilt, guilt. Ah, I need to be more careful what I write because it's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Really thrilled to have Sioux back on deck, but I am going to take it easy with her for another month. She is desperately unfit but with the ground so soft because of the rain, I took a chance and decided to trial her on the weekend. Lots of things to work on...but fitness is the biggest. I watched her run up the hill at Erwood, a hill she normally takes with great speed, and felt sorry for the wee tyke...she struggled up there! Eight months of total crate rest will do that to a dog. Meg had the weekend off and will start trialling this week or next.

Not much to report from a wet and cold Wales...other than it is wet and cold!



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