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May 3, 2012: Polling Day

Today is polling day here in Wales (and elsewhere). I haven't been that interested in local elections until a couple of weeks ago when one of the two candidates in our area stopped by to visit. Yep, a real live politician on our, breathing human being. Who knew they walked and talked like normal people? I quite liked this fellow and his 'few minutes' stopover lasted well on an hour after we struck up various conversations about farming, sheepdogs, and a bunch of other interesting topics of mutual interest. I think he was quite surprised at how much a wee kiwi-welsh transplant knew about Plaid Cymru (thanks to BBC radio and an interview I happened to catch after the election of a new leader!). I am impressed that any candidate would take the time to come visit and after the visit, I received a personalized letter from him in which he remembered quite a few details about our conversation. I bet he scurried to his car and wrote himself some notes! No sign of the other candidate! I was ready and waiting...

We have had seriously bad weather since the last blog. It has been raining non-stop. We are well over our drought, that's for sure. Last week I almost bought sunscreen lotion. Ha! Fat chance of using that! Having fair skin and a brush with skin cancer I am quite conscientious about using sunscreen lotion but it was between £12 and £15 for a small bottle. I must admit, the price deterred me. On the weekend, the findings of a study were released that said, amongst other things, women are refraining from using suncreen lotion because of the price. I went straight back to Tesco to buy some...and guess what? The price was £5.00 for the same brand! Tesco must have read the report too....price gougers! Perhaps now I have the sunscreen the sun will come back. PLEASE!

The weather behaved itself enough to make the Llangadog trial quite liveable. Unfortunately my 'A' team did not run up to par and we were 'out of the money' - Meg just out (tied with two others for 6th place but behind on the OLF rule) and Penny well out (no pen!). Sunday the weather was dreadful and this was matched by our performance on the trial field! Oh least my girls are shedding well! The rest is not worth mentioning! The beauty of living in Wales, we get another chance this week to make fools of ourselves all over again!

Happy trialling! May the sun shine somewhere, if not in Wales.

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