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May 30, 2012: We've got visitors...

This week we have bee-en completely inundated with visitors. Hundreds of them! It's been a mad house. The place is fair buzzing with activity. To call it a 'hive of activity' would be an understatement. Most of the visitors have been well behaved but they are still not welcome!

Yes, a swarm of honey bees have decided to call our chimney home! Now as many of you know, Kelvin is a beekeeper. So into his beekeeping gear he went and he proceeded to try to capture these little devils and put them in his hive. When he put his box with frames out, many of the bees decided that was a far more comfortable place to call home. However, the queen bee did not follow suit so we are stuck with a swarm of bees on the chimney, in a very difficult spot to reach.We've tried smoking them out, with no success. We've tried hosing them off but the water pressure isn't high enough to be able to shower them with water. So the bees are still with us until we can get up on the roof to dislodge them.


This week we have seen a couple of milestones come and go. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary of moving to this farm. When we first moved in, we joked that it would take us 5 years to get organized to have a house warming party. Only 2 years left to plan it now! I mean, it's darned difficult to organize a party to invite all of our friends...well, all 2 of them. :-)

The second milestone saw Kelvin's race record at the Calgary Marathon finally surpassed. Twenty-one, yes, TWENTY-ONE years ago (we were mere teenagers then!!! well, I'll speak for myself) , Kelvin set a record in the Calgary marathon that has finally been beaten...sort of. The marathon ran on a different course this year so technically Kelvin's time was not bettered. However, we do consider it a breaking of the record as this year's time is the fastest time run in a Calgary marathon event, irrespective of the course used. It's been a long time coming but hey, what an achievement to hold a record for 21 years. He still has the record for the number of wins by an individual as he won 8 Calgary marathons in total. Perhaps that one will stand a long time yet. A bigger achievement will be if we can get Kelvin healthy enough to start running again. Fingers crossed!

It's been a really hectic week! The weather has been HOT! I've been out attacking thistles until I am too tired to walk. Now the thistles are waist high and I fear I am fighting a losing battle. It's really soul destroying work, not to mention hard on the body but there is some sadistic glee to be had when I see a thistle hanging its head and on its last legs. The lawn finally got completely mowed and I am now attacking the little field below the main pond. I need to get this fenced so the rams can eat the grass instead of me having to mow it. Mind you, they might eat the apple trees too as I have not been able to relocate them yet.

This Saturday our sheep are being clipped so Kelvin and I are going to have to toss a coin as to who goes shearing and who goes trialling. Must hunt out that double headed coin I have and bagsey heads! My two new sorting gates arrived this week and have been put to good use already! Thank you Meirion! Little by little we are starting to accumulate enough gates and winter, we should have all the equipment we need for trials! Our neighbour has already offered us a judging 'stand' the form of a fancy tractor.

Time to get back to work. The warm weather looks like it is nearing an end. The dogs will like this brief (hopefully) reprieve!

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