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October 17, 2012:

Hailing outside so no other excuse needed to sit at the computer and tap out a quick blog. The flu bug is still lurking so the energy levels have been a bit low...and this darned weather is not helping one little bit. Depite having a brand spanking new pair of Asics running shoes, they are still sitting nice and clean in the box. I am missing the joys of sploshing through the mud...but hopefully that will soon change.

The good news this week is that Meg has fully recovered from the ruptured ligament in her shoulder. All of the hours put into rehabing her shoulder have been worthwhile, and we will continue with her exercises over the winter. She is so keen to work (...and damned hard to hold as a result!). I've been giving her a little bit of work to do, just to keep her happy, but she yearns for so much more. Akihiro, a friend from Japan, has been here for the last few weeks so he captured some video of Meg bringing the trial sheep off the left side of the hill so here is it. Mental note: stop shouting at my dog! Oops! Well, I never proclaimed to being fact, quite the opposite! Sioux is on rest still after she hurt her leg jumping out of the truck at a trial. I am looking forward to getting some winter work in with her this year, as we missed it all last year and it showed! Penny is coming back on stream after having pups so it's going to be a fun winter. Who cares if it is raining????

Cian is going great guns for me. It still astounds me how he went to work right away, and 10 days later is almost on my whistles. (It also astounds me that he remembered exactly where the chickens were and he is very happy they are still here to terrorize - as he did as a pup). His momentary memory lapse on his lie down command is sorted, and we're now having fun and games with bend outs, pull ins, look backs, and shedding. He's one heck of a good shedding dog but has not got the hang of international shedding yet. Thankfully we've got all winter to play. His enthusiasm is infectious...and with improving fitness, it is hard to resist the temptation to take him out too much! It's nice to have another dog with which to go do some work. I have been desperately short of dogs so Cian's timing for his return has been impeccable. I am finding him to be a very capable and reliable work dog. Most important! He is quite the character too! Love him to bits. It's nice to have such a lovely team in Meg, Sioux, Penny and Cian! Hmmm...mother and one of her youngsters from each of the three litters she has had. How cool is that?

...and if you are wondering where Jon is...he's gone off for 'work experience' on a big hill farm. By all accounts, he is having a whale of a time...and I am starting to worry he might not want to come home!

Well, the sun is out again so I have no business sitting inside with my feet on the heater. DRAT! I kind of liked it here. At least my socks are dry now...




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