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March 4, 2013: Misadventures of a Welsh Shepherdess

Last week was a week to forget. Tuesday was the beginning of the misadventures. I was out choping firewood, keeping toasty warm on a chilly morning, thinking what a good little firewood chopper I was becoming, and then I swung the axe, missed the log but nicely hit my toe. I was (very stupidiy) wearing running shoes as I had just got back from a run. OUCH!!! Thankfully the axe is blunt, but it still brought me to my knees. Bailey came to see why I was on my knees in a pile of sawdust, but when she learned I was not there to find her a stick to play with, she lost interest. Perhaps I am not as good a firewood chopper as I thought. Humbling!

Wednesday started badly. My run sucked. Then I tried burning the very big pile of garden prunings in the middle of my new small field...I could not get the fire to burn. So I decided to train some dogs. On seeing me coming with a dog, one yearling ewe bolted away from the main training group in the direction of where the in-lamb ewes were snacking on sheep nuts. She never saw the tree...until she got to heaven. Gutted.

After an 'intermission' I thought I'd cheer myself up and have some young dogs out. Levi first. His second time on sheep and he started to learn to drive. I like him a lot but it's far too early to tell where he might end up. Suffice to say he is keen, doesn't like coming off sheep and showing early promise. Mia next...her first time. She is interested in sheep too and has a natural gathering instinct. Just let her see sheep really. Time for some older dogs to dust off the cobwebs.

Penny did some nice work. Sioux has a short run (she's been injured all winter). Cian got a good workout, and Meg had a few minutes too. Then the 'outside' dogs got good workouts. An otherwise pleasant end to the day.

What else could go wrong this week, I thought.

Thursday I started the day by tripping and falling down the stairs, tearing ligaments in and around my ankle. Shock! When I receoverd enough composure, I hopped to the fridge to get some ice and spent the next hour icing my foot and trying to work out how to put on my socks. No chance of getting wellies on. I had to get outside to let the dogs out. I've never felt so appreciative of the bench seat we made in the dog play area. I should have packed a picnic lunch because it took me a looooong time to get back to the house, and more ice treatments on my foot. Thankfully the ice treatments kept the bruising and swelling down.

I did manage to drive myself to the doctor on Friday...all the way in second gear as it is my left foot and changing gears was incredibly painful. It wasn't the safest of things to do but I got lucky with not very much traffic on the roads and only one intersection to navigate.

Needless to say, I have not done very much ever farmwork, no running, no training. #veryfrustrated

I hope this week is better. Lambing will start next week so I've got a wee respite before I HAVE to use my ankle.




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