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January 2 2019:

A 'grand' start to the New Year when I accidentally ran over one of my young dogs with the quad bike. A portent of things to come? Thankfully I was on soft ground and going very slowly. Out of the blue (and out of character), the dog darted in front of the bike and before I had time to react, under the front wheel he went. I've never jumped off a bike so quickly. He ran straight to me (a good sign) and I picked him up. All seemed ok after a good examination and he happily trotted off down the hill, a lot more mindful of the bike. Today, all is fine. A lucky escape!

We celebrated the New Year by dosing all our sheep and doing the annual count. A lot more sheep than we thought! However did we accumulate so many? Still have more work to do trimming feet and with the weather dry, this will happen sooner than later.

Over the Xmas 'break' we managed to finish planting the orchard and the only thing left to do is to plant 4 pear trees up the driveway and get the netting up around them to stop the sheep having a feast. 40-odd fruit trees in total, all rare or old Welsh varieties.

The garden is starting to look a lot better for the digging over it has had. One garden bed still to finish but at least we have started planting some of the 53 rhododendrons we were given. We've managed to move a large rhodo away from the cottage window to a more suitable location and we have three more to resite. Some peonies have been divided and planted and all the box hedging that was in the yard has been replanted to new (temporary) locations ...until we find a better place for them.

The yard cleanup from the flood is the biggest and most difficult project as it requires a digger and skilled driver. Neither of which we have right we have started moving the pile of rubble by hand. Brutal work! But we've been doing a little bit at a time.

Today, we start work on the patio outside the cottage's back door. Everything is ready to go. Kelvin had hoped to get it done two days ago but instead spent the afternoon digging an existing drainage pipe a bit deeper under this patio. He had hoped the drainage pipe was deep enough but alas, no. Nothing is ever simple!

The dogs have been enjoying a break from training but have been out on the bike (as in bicycle) with Kelvin or running with me. Perhaps Kelvin and I are getting just as much enjoyment ! I am certainly glad to be back out running.



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