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November 28 2018: Nursery Season

Well the nursery season is just about behind us and I'm tired and ready for a break from competition!

This year I ran two litter brothers, Carlos and Pele. Pele started the season with a bang winning the first trial with Carlos finishing second, and then Carlos won the next trial with Pele finishing second. The third trial was won by Carlos and the 6th by Pele. Two apiece. It was a bit of a seesaw! After that, my handling went to hell, while the boys were mostly running ok. Pele, who is a couple of months behind Carlos in his training due to an injury, started to gain on Carlos and Carlos seemed to lose confidence. Carlos had a shockingly bad run at the North Wales championship! It was quite possibly one of the worst runs I have ever had on a trial field, and out of character for Carlos. I keep reminding myself, they are dogs - not robots. And young dogs at that. Thankfully I'm quite good at forgetting runs! Well, the bad ones anyway :-) The South Wales final is this weekend. I'm looking forward to having a go at the course although I am not expecting my boys to make it through to the final but we'll have a crack. I am delighted that Carlos is the Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion, Pele the Reserve Champion and top puppy! I would never have thought that at the beginning of the season when I first went to the post with them.

This is the fourth time a 'Kinloch' dog has captained the Carmarthenshire nursery team:

2018: Kinloch Carlos 1st: Kinloch Pele 2nd
2017: Kinloch Ciaran 1st: Kinloch Leith 2nd (Kelvin); Aron 3rd
2016 Did not run the nurseries
2015 Kinloch Mazi 1st; Kinloch Pippi 2nd
2013: Kinloch Chloe 1st; Kinloch Mia 6th (Kelvin)
2012: Did not run the nurseries

Other results
2014: Kinloch Cade 3rd (Angie), Kinloch Amy 7th (Nigel Watkins); Kinloch Kai 12th (Kelvin) in the All Wales nursery final
2011: Kinloch Kobe - 10th in the All Wales Nursery Final

That's 12 young dogs we have bred in 6 nursery seasons in which we have competed that have made the South Wales final and 9 of them have gone on to the All Wales final. No pressure on Carlos and Pele! Ha ha ha! UPDATE: Make that 11 out of 12 who have made the All Wales Final!

We're only a very small kennel so we are proud of these results. We've never won a big prize, no. We may never win a big prize. But the prize for us is everyday working with these wonderful dogs and loving each and every one of them. It is a privilege to own them. And no matter what happens next, I'll still be out enjoying them on our runs in the forest and our daily work. I love my dogs!







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