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June 15 2017: Clun Trial

If ever one was to have a 'bucket list' of trials you'd like to win, the Clun trial, hosted by Vic Morris, surely would make my top 10 list. A big course with testing sheep and this year, some tricky weather conditions just added to the fun. Since I started running this trial in 2010 (missing 2016 due to not making the ballot), I've been second (with Penny), third (with Sioux) and 4th and a couple of 6ths with Meg, but never a 1st. Finally, Mazi gave me that win and added to the 'family' tradition. Stoked to win it even if it was very close and decided on an OLF decision. The next day I called my friend, Gwyn (aka Superman), to tell him...and to dedicate that win to him. I am proud to have won it for him. I missed seeing him (and his pal, Sue) at this trial. Bitter sweet.

On that note, I sign off from my blog.

Happy trialling to you all. May you reach for the stars and touch them.
















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