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November 3 2018: The Aftermath of the Flood

In the middle of October we were hit by a 30-year flood. Woken by what sounded like a freight, we immediately knew our culvert was overflowing. No big problem, so we thought. WRONG! Big problem. 5am...dark..water up to the cottage door...the culvert was overwhelmed by the volume of water with a collapsed section causing mayhem. As much as we tried to keep drains clear, we knew we were losing the battle. A pathway had become a torrent of water and our yard a flowing river. Water cascaded over the deck making for a spectacular waterfall. There was nothing we could do to stop things! A sense of hopelessness ensued. Thankfully a friend arrived with a digger (thank you Mathew)...and water was diverted. What a mess. 8 hours of being soaking wet was not much fun! Thankfully the cottage sustained only minor water damage.

This week, we, hopefully, start to rebuild the culvert with new (bigger) drainage pipe, move various piles of rocks, silt and stone, and try to get the yard back to some semblance of normality. We have not been able to move stock on and off the main field and any vehicular access is impossible. It's a big cleanup job ahead of us. At the same time, we have a new orchard about to be planted; 42 trees in total, all of which need stock and rabbit proofing. And we have a massive amount of fence posts that need replacing. Sometimes the amount of work is overwhelming.

The one break from the workload has been to scive off on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning with my young lads, Carlos and Pele, to run a nursery trial. So far the boys have been doing ok. I'm not an enthusiastic nursery triallist, I must admit. I really just go to get time day away from work and chores :-) The boys have, at least, made it a fun half day off each week.

I'll sign off there. Not much else to report, sorry.






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