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Ettrick, Scotland Trial Photos - May 2008

Norman MacDonald's Bill

Norman MacDonald's Bill
Goran Risne's Zyran (Sweden) jumping the drain on the outrun

Goran and Zyran
Lisa Hansson (Sweden)

Lisa Hansson's bitch

Norman MacDonald's Maid

Maid and Norman penning

Donald Johnston's Nick

Angie's Roy doing a quick change of direction.

Sandy Montgomery's Craig

Kinloch Tina jumping a drain at the start of an outrun

Kelvin Broad and Tina shedding

Rona Davies' Rose

Angie's Kinloch Sioux (15-months old!) driving down the brae

And away we go for the drive away.

Bobby Dalziel's Joe

Bobby Dalziel's Joe

Bobby Dalziel's Joe

Bobby and Joe
approaching the chute

Bobby Dalziel's Spot back in action after a career threatening leg injury

Bobby Dalziel's Jamie

Angie's Meg

David Meek (Wales) and Shona

Kelvin Broad and Blade at the chute

Kelvin and Blade at the pen

Guillaume Josien (France)

Guillaume and Gyp at the pen. Remember your crook next time, Guillaume!

Alastair Mundell looking for his dog at the top of his outrun

Alan Common

Bob Simpson and Murphy ready to run

Jeff Hudd (Wales) and Craig

Lisa Hansson (Sweden)

Pre-Trial Instructions from Bobby with ever-fatihful Kate at his feet.

Sandy Montgomery and Kate

Sandy Montgomery's dogs

Homeward bound after a long day at the trial

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