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Keeper is very keen, very quick, agile and eager to learn. This dog can turn on a dime and you can put him wherever you need him to be. Always happy and enthusiastic, Keeper is an exceptional listener, and is very flexible and willing to please. This lad has a lovely natural outrun and it's fast! He's an honest wee dog with a great big engine and a fantastic temperament. He's a whole lot of fun to work with and is the type of dog you really enjoy taking to the training field or to work. He has several novice and open trial placings already.

Sire: Bobby Dalziel's Joe (272330)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Meg (282283)
DOB: 17 December 2009
DNA CEA normal (by parentage)

BVA Hip Score: 10 (5:5)
Kennel Club Registration # AM0902229
Video of Keeper (18 months old), click here.
Keeper's Trial Results --> HERE

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