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Sire: Bobby Dalziel's Joe (272330)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Meg (282283)
DOB: 17 December 2009
DNA CEA normal
BVA Hip score: 12
Kennel Club Registration # AM0902230
Kobe's Trial Results --> HERE

Kobe is a quiet and thoughtful type of dog, always happy, and a total delight to train. He is very positive on his sheep and as he gains experience, his determination is starting to show through. He has a good forward gear and is tremendous at following sheep, taking sheep wherever you ask him. Kobe has a lovely natural outrun and always seems to put himself in the right place behind sheep. He has good feel for sheep and his movement is seemingly effortless as he flows easily around sheep. When you ask for speed, that's there too. This dog has one of the biggest engines I have ever seen in a dog! An honest dog, he has a calm, quiet way which helps him to make friends with sheep!

Kobe recently won his first Open trial in the South Wales style of trialling and has placed top 6 in all of his 8 nursery trials including winning one of them. During the winter, we concentrated on broadening his practical experience to prepare him for Open class competition in 2012.


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