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  This page is about all of our dogs

Our dogs are all working sheepdogs and they also compete in sheep dog trials. We like dogs that have a brain, heart and courage, athleticism, speed, drive and enthusiasm, and a good temperament. While our dogs are working dogs, we try to give them a nice life too with runs in the forest, play time and time to hang out with us. We love our dogs and are proud of their accomplishments on the trial field, but most importantly, we are proud of them for competently doing the job for which they were bred. You can read more about each dog below and on their individual pages and visit our YouTube channel for videos. All of our dogs are DNA CEA tested, hip scored by the BVA, and ISDS registered (and eligible for KC registration).

Angie's 2017 Team    
  Kinloch Mazi - Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion 2015; 9th 2017 European Nursery Championship
Mazi is a son of Meg. Mazi competed in the nurseries in 2015 and was the Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion. He was 7th at the All Wales Nursery Final in 2015. Mazi has started his first year in Open trials and has 6 wins and 8 placings so far. He was 9th in the 2017 European Nursery Championship. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Pippi - 2016 Welsh Team Member; 5th 2017 European Nursery Championship
Pippi is a daughter of Meg. Pippi started her trialling career in the nurseries at the end of 2015. She was 2nd overall in the Carmarthenshire league behind brother, Mazi, and 5th in the All Wales Nursery Final. Pippi represented Wales at the 2016 International finishing 18th (out of 60) overall. She was 5th at the 2017 European Nursery Championship. To date Pippi has 5 wins and 16 Open placings so far. READ MORE.
Kelvin's 2017 Team    
Kinloch Levi - 2016 Reserve Welsh Champion; 7th International Supreme, 2017 Welsh Team Captain for the World Trial
Levi is a son of Kinloch Penny and grandson of Meg. At 12 months of age, he had his first placing in a novice trial, He won the overall qualification and trial 2 at the 2014 European Nursery Championship and competed in the final. He has won 6 and placed in 20 Open trials so far. He won Day 3 of the 2016 Welsh National with a score of 209 (out of 220) and competed in the run off finishing Reserve Welsh Champion. Levi went on to finish 5th in Qualifying at the International and 7th in the Supreme. READ MORE.

  Kinloch Cade
Cade is a son of Kinloch Sioux (grandson of Meg) and Serge van der Zweep's Gary. Cade is Reserve Nursery Champion for South Wales and finished 3rd in the All Wales Nursery Final in 2014. Cade has 4 wins and 18 placings in the Open class. READ MORE.
The Young'uns    
  Kinloch Ciaran
Ciaran is a son of Kinloch Sioux and Ricky Hutchison's Sweep. Ciaran is just starting his training and showing a lovely feel for sheep. He is plain in his work style but he's clever and a total delight to work with. Ciaran will be Angie's 2017 nursery dog.
  Kinloch Leith
Leith is a son of Kinloch Sioux and Ricky Hutchison's Sweep. READ MORE
  Kinloch Spice
Spice is a daughter of Kinloch Pippi and Neil Gillon's Bhoy. Spice is coming along well in her training and starting to learn how to shed. She is an athletic bitch with a natural outrun on her.
Aron is a son of Kinloch Cade and Mike Hemmings' Jill. Aron has only just started training and is an extremely fast learner. In his first week of training, he had mastered his flanks, stop and forward commands. We'll be taking things quietly over the summer and winter to prepare Aron for the 2018 nurseries.
  Janet is a daughter of Kinloch Levi and Frauke Spengler's Jane. She is very keen on sheep but has to wait her patience until she's a wee bit older before she can start training.
  Meg - 2012 Reserve Welsh Champion, 4 time Welsh Team member
Meg has been Angie's top trial dog for 8 years. She started trialling in 2008 and has won 10 Open trials and had 66 top six placings. In 2010 & 2011 she made the final of the Selattyn Championship Double Fetch Final, finishing 5th in 2011. Meg represented Wales at the 2011 World Trial. She was Reserve Welsh Champion in 2012 & represented Wales at the 2012 International. Meg also qualified for the Welsh team in 2013 as reserve. She represented Wales for the final time at the 2015 International before retiring from competition. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Sioux - 2015 Defaidty Hill Champion
Sioux is a daughter of Meg. She went in her first Open trials at 15 months of age, placing in her first two attempts. She has won 19 trials and earned another 71 top-six placings in Open trials. A terrific little hill dog, Sioux won the 2015 Defaidty Hill trial double fetch final and was a 4-time finalist! She has now been retired.
  Kinloch Penny
Kinloch Penny is another daughter of Meg. She is Angie's main work dog. Penny won her first Open trial in August 2011 and has now won 6 and placed in 32 Open trials. In 2014 she qualified for the final of the Longshaw Sheep Dog Trial, finishing 5th in the double fetch final and she was 3rd in the Defaidty Hill trial double fetch final. READ MORE.
  Bailey - sadly, Bailey died April 9, 2014. Our household will never be the same again. Bailey was our household companion and running pal, who loved to run, jump and play. She had oodles of character and was naughty to the core (in a nice way). She won numerous agility events as a young dog before we retired her from competition. Bailey was the boss of our household. She went everywhere and did everything with us and we literally wove our life around hers. She is sorely missed and remembered each and every day. READ MORE.
PREVIOUS DOGS   READ MORE about our previous trial dogs.

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