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  This page is about all of our dogs

Here are some of our earlier trial dogs. It's hard, really hard, letting them go but all have fantastic homes and great lives. We keep in touch with them and get updates from their new owners, and not a day goes by where we don't miss them.

  Kinloch Mia
Mia is a daughter of Kinloch Penny and granddaughter of Meg. READ MORE. Mia is just starting her training and is coming along quickly. She competed in 10 nursery trials, and has won one and placed in 9 other trials. Mia finished 5th overall in the 2013 All Wales Nursery Final. She is now competing in the Open class and has 8 Open placings to her credit so far.
  Kinloch Kai
Kai is a son of Kinloch Penny (and grandson of Meg). Kai is currently competing in the nurseries with Kelvin and they have two wins so far. Kai finished 11th in the South Wales Nursery Final and 12th in the All Wales Nursery Final at the age of 13 months! READ MORE.
  Kinloch Coe
Coe is a son of Kinloch Penny (grandson of Meg). Coe had his first placing (3rd) in a nursery trial the day before he turned one year of age (handled by Angie). READ MORE.
  Blade (retired)
Blade is Kelvin's main work dog. In 2008 they represented New Zealand at the World Sheep Dog Trials. Blade is semi-retired now due to pain from hip dysplasia. He occassionally competes in trials and still is active doing jobs on the farm. He won his first Open Trial in August 2011. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Chloe
Chloe is a daughter of Kinloch Penny and granddaughter of Meg. Chloe ran in 8 nursery trials and won four and placed no lower than 4th in all other trials. She is the 2013 Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion at just 15 months of age and finished 4th overall in the 2013 All Wales Nursery Final. Chloe is now running Open and has recorded 3 Open placings to date. Chloe is now trialling in England. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Bee
Kinloch Bee, Kelvin's main trial dog, has had 6 wins and 26 placings in Open competitions. She also competed in the 2011 World Sheep Dog Trial. In September 2012, Kelvin and Bee made their first double fetch final, finishing 5th overall in the South Wales Open Championship. Two weeks later, they followed this up with another 5th in a double fetch trial. Bee in now trialling in Canada. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Keeper
Kinloch Keeper is a son of Meg. Keeper is quick, keen, stylish and very agile. He's eager to learn and is an exceptional listener. This is a promising young dog who has already finished 2nd in an Open trial, as well as placing several times in Novice Trials. Keeper is continuing his trialling career in the USA. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Kobe
Kinloch Kobe is a another son of Meg. Kobe is a natural. He has good feel for sheep and moves effortlessly. He is a very quick learner! Kobe won his first Open trial in September in the South Wales style of trialling. He competed in the 2011 Nursery Season, winning once and placing in every nursery trial in which he competed. Kobe went on to finish 10th in the South Wales Nursery Final and 10th in the Welsh Nursery Final. Kobe is continuing his trialling career in the USA. READ MORE.
  Cheviot Jamie
Jamie was purchased in May 2009 and up till then had won 28 Open trials and placed over 50 times in the UK and Europe. Jamie has recorded 1 win and 15 top-six placings with Angie. Jamie is now retired from trialling. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Tina
Kinloch Tina is a daughter of Meg. She started trialling in 2008 and won her first Open Trial in September ('08). She and Kelvin won three trials and placed in five other trials. She is now in Japan. READ MORE.
  Kinloch Cian (pronounced Key-an)
Kinloch Cian is a son of Meg and Jamie. Cian has a streak of the devil in him. He is very enthusiastic about sheep and was a bit of a handful when he first started. Cian is now living and competing in Brazil. He was the 2010 Brazilian Champion on both sheep and cattle (ranch class) and in 2011, he was 3rd in the Open Cattle competition at the Brazilian National Championship. READ MORE.
Kinloch Ace
  Kinloch Ace
Kinloch Ace is a daughter of Jet. Ace just started trialling in Nursery trials at the end of 2008. She won three trials and placed 2nd and 4th in two others (out of 7 starts). Ace is now in the USA. READ MORE.
  Troy (aka Roy)
Roy came to us at 13 months of age. He started trialling at the end of 2007 in Nursery trials where he had 4 placings. In the summer of 2008 he moved up to Open competition. Since then Roy has had 26 top six placings in trials, includng two wins in novice trials. Roy is now trialling in the North of England with his new owner. READ MORE.
Jet was purchased as an unstarted 7 month old. She developed into an exceptional hill dog with incredible stamina, great heart, and tremendous speed. A trial dog she was not but still achieved a second and fifth placings in nursery trials, and finished 6th in the Sterling Cup. Jet was sold as we did not have enough work for her at the time. READ MORE.

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