Photo Gallery

Royal Welsh Show

James McGee's Becca - 2007 Irish National Champions competing at the Royal Welsh Show

Paul Tomkins' Arnie
Paul Tomkins' Arnie
Rona Davies' Rose
Rona Davies' Rose

Mike Hemmings and Ness

Lisa Bassett's Meg
J.R. Jones' Don around the post
Meirion Jones' Joe

Cyril Humphrey's Jill

Young Ioan Jones' Glen - winner of the Young Handler award

D. P. Jones and Len. An occasion worthy of dressing up.

Not sure who's dog this is

Mark Bufton
Nigel Watkins' Floss

Howell Griffiths and Fynydd Taff

Idris Morgan's Ned
Kevin Evans' Spot

H.T. Lewis's Jan

June Simmons' Chesney

Jane Drinkwater's dog (not sure which one!)

Engaged spectators!
Other photos
Angora goat
Tamworth Pigs
I'm too sexy for my hairdo.
Yes, that is a chicken.
Even Robin Hood turned up for the Royal Welsh


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