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Kinloch Sioux (pronounced 'Sue') is a daughter of Meg. Like her mother, Sioux has a huge engine, and is very quick and athletic. She is a very strong (and fast) outrunner and can go out for sheep as far as you ask her. She is a handler's dream being very biddable, is fantastic to command at any distance and very clever. Sioux is a confident driver, a good flanker, has a rock solid stop, and is a very good shedder. Sioux is very good at going back for sheep and is a tremendous listener when directing her to sheep.

Sioux is very loyal and would do back flips if she felt it would please her handler. She loves working and with her athleticism, she would happily work all day long. She loves hill gathering and the bigger the outrun, the better.

Sioux entered her first Open trials at 15 months of age in May 2008 and placed 4th and 5th in her first two attempts. She was then put away for a couple of months to grow up.

In 2009, Sioux replaced an injured Meg and was the (pleasant) surprise of the season. Her Open season started with two wins and 9 placings in Scotland. Sioux qualified for and competed in the 2009 Welsh National. In August 2009 she won her first Open trial in Wales and in September she won two more Open trials and her first South Wales event.

Her 2010 trial season results were 3 wins and 21 placings. She qualified for and ran in the 2010 Welsh National. Sioux qualified for her first double fetch final at Llanarthne in August, finishing 2nd in the final.

The start of the 2011 season saw Sioux place 4 times in trials before being sidelined in May for the rest of the season due to a toe injury. She underwent surgery in October with her toe having to be pinned in four places and her foot placed in a cast for two months. Sioux made a return to trialling in 2012 and has continued her string of good performances, including 5 wins in 2013. She started the 2015 trial season - her 8th season trialling - with a win at the Felindre trial. The highlight of the year was winning the Defaidty Hill trial. In 2016 - definitely her last trial season - Sioux was 2nd and 4th in her first two starts.

Sioux's Stats
DOB: 24 February 2007
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DNA CEA normal
BVA Hip Score is 11 (5:6)

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Results to date, 10 wins and 55 placings in Open trials

Sioux trialling in Ettrick

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