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Kinloch Tina is a daughter of Meg and Bob (ISDS#271888). She is a traditionally marked, black and white smooth coat.

Tina is a little dynamo. She is very high energy, athletic, quick and enthusiastic. Her tail only stops wagging when she is working...and even then... Tina is progressing very quickly in her training. She is very stylish wee bitch with a good outrun, nice shaped flanks, a good walk, terrific feel for sheep and great penning skills.

Tina might be little but this wee dynamo has great heart and courage; nothing fazes her. She is always positive and very eager to please. She has shown a terrific aptitude for work and loves nothing better than to go gathering with Blade.

Kelvin took Tina to her first Open trial in May 2008 (15 months of age) and finished 6th. After several placings throughout the summer, Tina and Kelvin won their first Open trial in September. Tina qualified for and ran in the 2009 Welsh National. In 2010 Tina won the Llanwrda Open South Wales trial.

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DOB: 24 February 2007
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DNA CEA Normal

BVA Hip Score is 9 (3:6)

Tina on beulahs
Tina in Wales

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