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April 2015

Ystradfellte SDT Sat 18th April 2015

AM Judge: Sheila Lewis
Open National:
1. Dai Howells, Jamie 17
2. David Evans, Meg 20
3. Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Cade 21 OLF
4. John Bowen, Jet 21
5. Paul Tomkins, Dash 22
6. Stan Harden, Bob 23 OLF

1. Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Cade 21
2. Dai Howells, Ben 23
3. Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Kai 27
4. John Bowen, Ned 32

PM Judge: Eirian Morgan
Open National:
1. Carly Millichap, Cain 14
2. Yvonne Abrey, Mona 15 OLF
3. Bara O’Brian, Kate 15
4. Kevin Evans, Moss 16
5. Stan Harden, Cass 17
6. Rex Mumford, Jim 20

1. Carly Millichap, Cain 14
2. Yvonne Abrey, Mona 15
3. Stan Harden, Cass 17
4. Colin Gordon, Glen 26

Cade finishing 3rd in his first ever Open trial. Photo: Sophie Holt, with thanks

Iorwerth Davies Memorial Trial

1st Nigel Watkins and Jody
2nd Steve Lewis and Karven Jake
3rd John Ellis and Cap
4th Pennant Williams and Sweep
5th Maureen Capes and Meg
Joint 6th Ross Games and Roy/ Sophie Holt and Roy

1st Rob Ellis and Sweep
2nd Mike Hall and Tom
3rd Nigel Watkins and Nan
4th I.B.Jones and Joe
5th Kelvin Broad and Kinloch Levi
6th Stan Harden and Bob


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