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2007 Scottish National
Andy Carnegie and Lark fetching, driving and penning

J.L McMillan and Don with a nice fetch, shed and pen.

Iain McConnell with a superb run in the brace competition witih Craig (Dan) and Jaff. The pen was exciting to watch - very tense!

Bobby Dalziel and Joe. A superb display of handling at the pen as Joe was nose-to-nose with the sheep! Joe won. Photos in order: 1. Ready. 2. Driving; 3. Shedding; 4. Taking off a Single; 5-9. Penning

Bobby Dalziel's Spot taking off the single.

Norman MacDonald and Gwen shedding before being called off for time.
E. C. MacKinnon's Nan being challenged by the sheep at the crossdive panel. Nan won this battle and finished with a fine score of 181.
Clark Cuthbertson's Molly going to the post and showing good form at the top of her outrun and on the fetch.

Mike Watt's Lyn.

Scores: Sheep 101; Competitors 49.
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