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The World Of Sheepdogs: A Photographic Tribute - Limited Edition Book

For those who missed out, a small quantity of books are now available. The price will remain the same at £28.95 (plus postage) despite a 30% increase in paper prices.

To order the book, please click on the arrow below and select the correct postage option. There are two postage options for people living outside the UK, Ireland and the Continent - airmail and surface mail. Airmail is more expensive but the book will arrive in approximately 3-5 working days. Surface mail is less expensive but the delivery time is 6-8 weeks. All books are individually packaged and posted in a special cardboard book wrap to protect the book from damage.

We use Paypal to process payment for the book. Please note you do not need a paypal account to use this service. Paypal accepts most forms of credit cards.

Book+ Postage

About the Book
The World of Sheepdogs
is a photographic tribute to working sheepdogs the world over.  We hope that for the many border collie and trialling enthusiasts around the world this book puts form and face to some of the dogs and handlers that most of us only get to read about in the results columns of local newspapers. This quality, hard cover book features fifty-two dogs, including pedigrees of these dogs, and their handlers from nineteen countries. There are over 130 full colour photographs. Preview the book on-line by clicking here. More information and sample pages below. Contributing photographers include Joachim Homm (Germany), Vickie Close (USA), Karin Mattson (Norway), Guillaume Josien (France), Inge Savenije (Netherlands), amongst others.

Some of the dogs/handlers featured include:
- Aled Owen's Roy (Wales)
- Bobby Dalziel's Joe (Scotland)
- Kevin Evans' Mirk (Wales)
- Karin Mattsson's Sammie (Norway)
- James McGee's Becca (Ireland)
- Serge van der Zweep's Jim (Netherlands)
- Scott Glen's Pleat (Canada)
- Mosse Magnusson's Roy (Sweden)
- Alasdair McRae's Nap (USA)
- Faansie Basson's Jill (South Africa)
- Jo Agnar Hansen's Tika (Norway)
- Nigel Watkins' Floss (Wales)
- Richard Millichap's Taddymoor Cap (Wales)
- Tom Lawrenson's Spot (England)
- Tom Wilson's Sly (USA)
- Jim Wilson and Tweed (New Zealand)
- and many more...

Front Cover (Photo of Karin Mattsson's Sammie - Norway)

Sample pages




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