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Sire: Kinloch Cade (ISDS 00/327190)
Dam: Mike Hemmings' Jill (ISDS 00/317764)
DOB: 16 July 2016

DNA CEA Normal by parentage
DNA SN Normal
BVA Hip score=not done yet
Aron's trial results can be found HERE.

Aron is a very clever young lad. I started introducing him to sheep when he was about 8 months old as he was starting to get into mischief from boredom. The first time to sheep, he had mastered his lie down and walk forward commands. I would hardly believe what I was seeing. By his third time on sheep, he knew 'come bye.' Fourth time, he had mastered 'away' as well. It was then I realized he was a very quick learner. Despite this, I have taken his training very slowly and not pushed him at all. He is just starting to understand shedding, and he has a good look back on him. Over the winter, I will start to bring him on some more through more practical work. I have been running him in the nurseries this year but I am planning on running him in the nurseries next year as he will still be eligible. He has won two nursery trial this year and has some minor placings. He finished 3rd overall in Carmarthenshire, behind kennel mates Ciaran and Leith, and will represent the county at the South Wales Nursery Final. I am very excited about Aron and hope he will become a top Open dog for the 2019 trial season.



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