Cy (00/361210)
2019: Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion

Sire: Kinloch Mazi (ISDS 00/331627)
Dam: E. H. Evans' Nel (ISDS 00/333455)
DOB: 30 July 2018

DNA CEA, IGS, SN normal by parentage, TNS normal by DN
Cy's Trials Diary is HERE

Cy (pronounced like sigh) was purchased from his breeder, Hefin Evans, at 8 weeks of age. I went to look at the litter with the aim of purchasing several bitches but Cy just would not leave me alone. Everywhere I went, Cy wanted to be with me. I sat down to assess the girls and Cy was there wanting attention. If I gently pushed him away, he would come from behind and put his feet on my shoulders, just as Mazi had done as a pup. He wasn't obnoxious about it but he made his presence known. I gave in. I thought if a pup was this desperate to be with me then he was coming home with me. Throughout the fall/winter (2018/2018) when I was working hard in the garden, Cy was there helping. He never got in the way and he was happy to play with a ball, a stick and otherwise amuse himself, so long as he was close to me. He has a fantastic temperament with him sharing many mannerisms of his father.

When Cy was 11 months old, I started taking him to sheep a couple of times a week. He has proven to be a very fast learner, a terrific listener and very willing to try new things. He is always enthusiastic for work and he works with a quiet sense of purpose.

He started in the nurseries at 14 months of age and was a very consistent performer, although we did not run the full season of trials. He won one and placed in every other nursery trial he started in and finished as the Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion. just edging out his cousin, Kinloch Jada.

Luck was not with us at the South Wales Nursery final, which ended our nursery campaign.

Over the winter, Cy has been working around the farm and has almost mastered every outrun possible. He can take direction very well to turn back, and is proving he can manage large numbers of tricky undogged lambs as well as smaller numbers. He sheds well and is starting to learn to sort. I am hoping he might form half of a novice brace team for me...if I can find him a partner! Stay tuned.

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