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Kinloch Chilli (ISDS 00/343575)

Dam: Kinloch Pippi (00/331629) 2016 Welsh team member, 18th 2016 International, and 5th 2017 European Nursery Championship, 4 open trial wins
Sire: Neil Gillon's Bhoy (00/306587)
Date of birth 23 February 2016
DNA CEA normal by parentage.

Thirteen month old Tricoloured bitch for sale. Chilli is just starting on sheep and is learning her flanks, walk up and stop. She can bring a small group of sheep to her handler and is easy to handle. She is a nice young dog for a new handler or someone wanting a dog they will not have to fight with. Chilli is a good listener and wants to please. A short video of Chilli can be found HERE. Chilli is fully up to date with vaccinations, on a pet passport and has been wormed regularly. Please contact Angie for more information at 2angiecan@gmail.com

Dewi Gwen is in pup to Kinloch Levi. Gwen is a daughter of Richard Millichap's Dewi Tweed (2009 Supreme Champion) and Cammen Fly. Gwen's litter brother, Dewi Max, is the 2016 Welsh Nursery Champion. Gwen ran the nurseries with David Howells and represented her county at the South Wales Nursery final. She is a very fast and keen bitch.

Kinloch Levi is 2016 Reserve Welsh Champion,5th in qualifying at the 2016 International and 7th in the Supreme. Levi has a bombproof temperament and a very natural dog on sheep. He is not only breeding some very talented yound sheepdogs but also terrific agility dogs.

Pups, hopefully (!), will be due end of March. Please email Angie at 2angiecan@gmail.com if you are interested in a pup from this litter.

Dewi Gwen

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STUD DOGS (Natural matings):
We have several dogs available for stud services (natural matings). All are DNA CEA normal and hip scored:
Kinloch Levi - (Pennant Williams' Sweep x Kinloch Penny (R. Dalziel's Joe x Meg))
Kinloch Mazi - (Serge vd Zweep's Gary x Meg)


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100 foot training lines with good quality collar clip. Perfect for helping to start young dogs. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, SORRY

100 foot Training line and collar clip (Incl. P&P)
Handcrafted Cushion Covers (Made in Wales)
Hand embroidered using french knots, these artisan cushions add a splash of pizzazz to any room. Please contact Angie for details. £22 plus postage. Cushions with a border collie and two sheep on them are £25 plus postage.


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