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Rhosan Celt (ISDS 00/371760)
Celt is a 13 month old, started male and should make an excellent work dog. He is on voice and whistle commands. He can outrun 250-300+ yards with ease and looks for his sheep very well. Working under no command, he can bring sheep at a lovely pace and so far has experience in working upwards of 50 ewes. He does not chase but brings them in a workmanlike manner but not hurried. Working in close proximity to sheep in tight spaces, he is clean in the mouth. He also drives very well and is obedient to command. Off sheep, he is a quiet dog who loves being with his handler. He has been raised in the house and is crate trained. He is also good in a kennel outside where he is quiet, does not bounce around being silly, and he is clean in his kennel. Celt will make a fine worker for a new handler, small flock owner and someone looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner.

Sire: Kinloch Mazi ISDS 00/331627
Dam: Rhosan Queenie ISDS 00/327456 (Owen Bennett)
DOB: 27 December 2019
DNA CEA, TNS, IGS and SN normal by parentage.
Microchipped, and all vaccinations and worming treatments are up to date.
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Available for Stud  
Kinloch Mazi
Sire: Serge van der Zweep's Gary (ISDS 00/308277)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Meg (ISDS 282283)

DNA CEA, IGS, TNS and SN Normal.
Certificate of Entirety.
DNA profiled for parentage testing
Opthalmic Eye test result passed
BVA Hip score=13 (Right=8; Left=5)
Kennel Club Registration AS0903687
Kinloch Levi
Sire: Pennant Williams' Sweep (ISDS 277391)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Kinloch Penny (ISDS 00/305855)

DNA CEA, TNS, IGS, MDR1 Normal, DNA SN Carrier
Certificate of Entirety
DNA profiled for parentage testing
Opthalmic Eye test= passed
BVA Hip scores = 4 (Left 2, right 2).
Kennel Club Registration #: AR0905979
Kinloch Ciaran
Sire: Richard Hutchison's Sweep (ISDS 00/293085)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Kinloch Sioux (ISDS 289108)

DNA CEA Normal by parentage
DNA SN, TNS and IGS Normal
BVA Hip score=12
Kennel Club Registration #:
Kinloch Carlos
Sire: Alan Jones' Spot (ISDS 00/314440)
Dam: Kinloch Penny (ISDS 00/305855)

DNA CEA, IGS, TNS, SN, NCL, MDr1 normal
BVA Hip score= 11
Kennel Club Registration # AW0903117

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