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Six month old male called Tye. Black, white and tan, smooth coated. Very sensible young dog showing good instincts. This video is of his first time to sheep. https://youtu.be/2G03tYf7LNQ. He can go both ways around sheep and instinctively knows how to keep a group of sheep together. No commands on him yet. Good recall off sheep. Lovely dog for someone starting out or someone who doesn't want to have to fight with a dog. He has a terrific temperament, obedient, walks nicely on a leash and is quiet and clean in his kennel. Nothing is a problem for this lovely lad.

Sire: Kinloch Mazi
Dam: Erin McNaught's Moxy (2018 winner of the International Young Handler Competition)
Vaccinations and worming treatments are all up to date. He is rabies vaccinated and on a pet passport.
Please email Angie at 2angiecan@gmail.com for more information.

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STUD DOGS (Natural matings):
We have several dogs available for stud services (natural matings).
Kinloch Levi - (Pennant Williams' Sweep x Kinloch Penny (R. Dalziel's Joe x Meg))
Kinloch Mazi - (Serge vd Zweep's Gary x Meg)
Kinloch Ciaran - (Ricky Hutchison's Sweep x Kinloch Sioux (Daughter of Meg))
Aron - (Kinloch Cade x Mike Hemmings' Jill)

Frozen semen is also available from Kinloch Mazi, Kinloch Levi, Kinloch Ciaran and Aron.


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100 foot training lines with good quality collar clip. Perfect for helping to start young dogs. Costs below include P&P. I can also bring with me to trials in Wales to save on postage. Please email me about this. IN STOCK

Training line


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