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Welcome to Kinloch Sheepdogs, and the home of Kelvin Broad and Angie Driscoll. We are just a couple of ordinary (we daren't say normal!) people who, like many others, have fallen in love with sheepdogs. After purchasing our first border collies several years ago our lives have not been the same since. We quite simply adore sheepdogs, working with them on the farm, competing with them in trials, and enjoying their company on our runs and walks in the forest.

Before moving to the U.K., we owned a farm in Alberta, Canada raising purebred Dorset, Suffolk, Katahdin, and South African Dorper sheep, and South African Boer goats (and before this we lived in New Zealand). Wanting to further pursue our passion for sheepdogs, we had this crazy notion of moving to the UK (where Angie was born) and learning something about the art of sheepdog handling from some of the best handlers in the World!
With a pinch of courage and a bucketful of naivety about what we were letting ourselves in for, we went from 'crazy notion' to actually selling our farm and almost everything we owned, leaving our comfortable jobs and existence, saying 'so-long' to many good friends, packing a few bags and even more dogs, and actually heading to the U.K. We thought we were completely mad at the time, and in hindsight, we were completely off our heads!

We came in search of the rugged and beautiful hills of Scotland...and somehow ended up in Wales! We're still not quite sure how that happened, but we are glad it did. We also came in search of sheep, sheepdog trials, and the opportunity to extend our the skills and experiences, and those of our dogs. Luckily, we found what we were looking for... and more! It hasn't always been easy, but we're still here and privileged to call Wales home. As crazy as it has sometimes seemed, moving to the UK has been quite an extraordinary experience. We have met some incredibly gifted sheepdog handlers who have willingly and selflessly shared their knowledge and skills. We have had the opportunity to compete in trials with our dogs more than we could ever have imagined possible. And we have a lovely little slice of the Welsh countryside where we can enjoy our dogs every minute of the day. While our lives revolve somewhat around our beloved dogs, we have other interests too.

We hope you enjoy our website, our photos, and the chronicles of our ordinary lives and sometimes extraordinary escapades in Wales.

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