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LLANGELYNNIN (Cai Pritchard)
Open national,
1, Aled Owen (Penyfed) Cap, 7;
2, Dylan Davies (Llanegryn) Sali, 10;
3, Dewi Jenkins (Aberystwyth) Jock, 12;
4, Angie Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Pippi, 14;
5, Irwel Evans (Tregaron) Fly, 15 OLF;
6, Aurwen Price (Aberystwyth) Mirk, 15.

Class 2,
1, Hafgan Pugh (Barmouth) Rock, 11;
2, Alwyn Williams (Penmachno) Spot 22 OLF;
3, Angie Driscoll, Aron, 22;
4 Idris Thomas (Dolgellau) Gari, 23.

Kinloch Penny (Junior) - 17 months old

Clun 9 June 2018
AM session
1. John Bowen and Ned -5
2. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi -6
3. Nataly Mathews and Mari -9
4. Kevin Evans and Derwen Doug -9
5. Nigel Watkins and Tanhill Alex -9
6. Angie Blackmore and Del -10

PM session
1. Kevin Evans and Preseli Ci -9
2. Gethin Jones and Fran -11
3. Jane Drinkwater and Kim -12
4. Paul Tomkins and Lyn -13 OLF
5. Nigel Watkins and Ben -13
6. Dai Evans and Lass -16

- June 2
1. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi -6 OLF
2. Angie Driscoll and Aron -6
3. Robert Ellis and Spike -7
4. Nigel Watkins and Alex -9
5. Heddwyn Thomas and Bel -9 OLF
6. Dai Howells and Rock -9 OLFD

1. Glyn Howells Cap, 10;
2, L. Williams and Ned, 11 OLF;
3, G. Lewis and Gary, 11;
4, N. Watkins andBen, 11;
5, J. Bowen and Roy, 12;
6, K. Broad and Kinloch Levi, 13.

Healey Mill Trial (Northumberland)
1. Peter Martin and Jill 92
2. David Henderson and Star 88
3. Ross Watson and Sally 88
4. Angie Driscoll and Aron 87
5. Gwynfor Owen and Ben 85
6. Carl Smith and Ricky 84

Twiston Moor Open Trial
Judge J.Scrivin 51 runners
1st R.Hutchinson Sweep 96
2nd Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi 93
3rd T.W.Longton Storm 91
4th W.Bell Slick 88
5th M.Longton Todd 88
6th S.Cropper Ben 87

Crookhill Results
1. James Howard and Lad 85
2. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi 77
3. C Pickford and Meg 74
4. TW Longton and Jim 71 olf
5. TW Longton and Storm 71
6. M Hallam Roy and 67

*** NEW at Team Kinloch: Remote Lessons via WhatsApp or YouTube

Remote lessons/video feedback
Please make a video demonstrating the issue or problem you want to have evaluated and discussed. A 2-3 minute video can be sent via WhatsApp. If you wish to take a longer video of a training session or trial course, please upload to YouTube. Review of the video and discussion via WhatsApp, Skype, or facebook phone call, or via telephone, will not exceed 30 minutes. Payment is in advance and via paypal or bank transfer. Once payment has been received, video can be sent and a time scheduled to discuss the training issue. If, after reviewing the video, I feel I am unable to provide constructive feedback, payment will be refunded less a 20% service charge to cover the costs of reviewing the video.

Cost: 30 minutes £25 (GBP) or $35 (USD). Email Angie at for details.

Llangadog trial - April 28th
Kelvin and his dogs had a terrific day at the Llangadog trial...Levi finishing 6th in the morning session and Cade 3rd in the afternoon session. Well done boys!

BVA Hip Scores
Aron's hip score results are in from the BVA and he is scored at 4. Excellent hips, in other words. Hip scores for Kinloch dogs can be found HERE. Aron has now been DNA tested and is DNA CEA, SN, IGS, TNS, NCL, MH and MDR1 normal

Kinloch Pele has been hip scored by the BVA and is 7. Excellent hips as well.



RIP Sweet Bailey-girl

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