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Kinloch Carlos

BVA Hip Scores
Aron's hip score results are in from the BVA and he is scored at 4. Excellent hips, in other words. Hip scores for Kinloch dogs can be found HERE.

Aron has now been DNA tested and is DNA CEA, SN, IGS, TNS, NCL, MH and MDR1 normal
BVA Hip score=4

Kelvin's Pottery

Here at Kinloch Sheepdogs it's not all about dogs! Kelvin melds his interest in pottery, illustration and a wild imagination to create a range of pottery items including mugs, bowls, plates, platters, cookie and candy jars, water jugs and teapots (among other things). He also handbuilds wild creatures. If you want to keep up to date with his latest creations, click here.

Cottage guests, farm visitors and friends are welcome to try their hand at hand painting or handbuilding an item of their choice. Kelvin will fire it for you and post it to you when fired. Please ask Angie or Kelvin for details.


2017 - A Fine Year for the Kinloch Team
Welsh National Champion - Kinloch Pippi
Welsh Team Captain (International) - Angie and Kinloch Pippi
Welsh Team Captain (World Trial) - Kelvin and Kinloch Levi
Winning Team Captain for Wales at the International
Top placed woman at the International and only woman in the Supreme.
BBC's One Man and His Dog Champion - Kinloch Pippi (Angie and Gethin Jones)
Barbara Carpenter Award - Kinloch Mazi, 2nd Kinloch Pippi
Three dogs in the top 6 in the South Wales Victora Ludorum - Kinloch Mazi (2nd - highest placing for a woman ever in the VL), Kinloch Levi (4th), Kinloch Pippi (6th)
South Wales Reserve Nursery Champion - Aron
All Wales Nursery Final 3rd - Kinloch Ciaran
Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion - Angie and Kinloch Ciaran
Carmarthenshire Reserve Nursery Champion - Kelvin and Kinloch Leith
Carmarthenshire Nursery Team Captain - Angie with Ciaran (Winning the team shield)
Three Counties Champion - Kelvin and Kinloch Levi
Llanarthne Double Fetch Champion - Kinloch Mazi

Kinloch Pippi - 2017 Welsh National Champion!!!

Kinloch Cade helping with dosing

Victor Ludorum 2017 Final Results

Overall Victor Ludorum
1. IB Jones and Tim 65.5 points
2= Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi, Meirion Jones and Nan 58
4. Kelvin Broad and Kinloch Levi 50
5. Paul Tomkins and Foxridge Roy 45
6= Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Pippi 44

Ladies Victor Ludorum
1. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi 58
2. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Pippi 44
3. Yvonne Abrey and Glan Y Gros Mona 39

South Wales Style Victor Ludorum
1. John Price and Sam 35
2. Emyr Lloyd and Sal 23.5
3. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Mazi 23

Slindon Nursery Trial -13 January 2018

1. Jim Cropper Gil 80/90
2. Anni Ritakallio Champ 79 olf
3. Angie Driscoll Aron 79 olf
4. Nij Vyas Cody 79
5. Richard Saxon Don 78
6. A.dam Ledger Tip 76



RIP Sweet Bailey-girl

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