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Four Nations Nursery Final
1, Nij Vyas and Cody 181
2. Kevin Evans and Tim 178
3. Ned O'Keefe and Dark 174
4. Angie Driscoll and Aron 172
5. Peter Martin and Daisy 170 OLF
6. Michael Gallagher and Coin 170

Aron 2018 European Nursery Championships
2nd in Field 1 Trial, 3rd overall in the aggregate,
10th in the final. Youngest dog in the final.

Kinloch Carlos

BVA Hip Scores
Aron's hip score results are in from the BVA and he is scored at 4. Excellent hips, in other words. Hip scores for Kinloch dogs can be found HERE.

Aron has now been DNA tested and is DNA CEA, SN, IGS, TNS, NCL, MH and MDR1 normal
BVA Hip score=4



RIP Sweet Bailey-girl

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