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Private Lessons
Private lessons are available on a limited basis due to farm and trialling commitments. Lessons are £25/30 minutes; £50/ hour. Please email or call for availability.

Remote Lessons via WhatsApp or YouTube

Remote lessons/video feedback - 30 minutes £25 (GBP).

Please make a video demonstrating the issue or problem you want to have evaluated and discussed. A 2-3 minute video can be sent via WhatsApp. If you wish to take a longer video of a training session or trial course, please upload to YouTube. Review of the video and discussion via WhatsApp, Skype, or facebook phone call, or via telephone, will not exceed 30 minutes. Payment is in advance and via paypal (paypal will do an appropriate currency conversion from your home currency to GBP) or bank transfer. Once payment has been received, video can be sent and a time scheduled to discuss the training issue. If, after reviewing the video, I feel I am unable to provide constructive feedback, payment will be refunded less a 20% service charge to cover the costs of reviewing the video.

Remote Training Lesson

Please email Angie on for more information.

Independent Training
Visitors are welcome to stop by to train their dogs. We have various fields available. The cost is £15.00 per dog. Please call ahead to make arrangements.

*Please be aware that the health and welfare of our sheep is extremely important to us. In this regard, we reserve the right to refuse any dogs and handlers who do not show appropriate respect to our livestock.

Fall/Winter 2018/9 Training
I will have space to take in several dogs for training. I am not able to start young dogs from scratch but will bring on those that already have a stop and basic commands. If you would like polish and miles put on your dog, then please feel free to get in touch.




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