2015 Uwchaled Defaidty Double Fetch Champion
19 wins and 71 placings in Open trials.

Sire: Derek Scrimgeour's Bob (ISDS 271888)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Meg (ISDS 282283)
24 February 2007 - 28 January 2021
Pedigree here

DNA CEA Normal; SN carrier
BVA hip score = 11
Sioux's Trial Results Diary here

Sioux is a fantastic bitch with a huge desire to work. She has a big engine, and is very quick and athletic. She is a very strong (and fast) outrunner and can go out for sheep as far as you ask her. She is a handler's dream being very biddable, is fantastic to command at any distance and very clever. She loves hill gathering and the bigger the outrun, the better.

As an 8 week old, Sioux would escape from her pen by climbing a 5 foot gate which we thought was completely puppy proof. We couldn't figure out how she was getting out until we hid from sight and watched her claw her way up the gate, perch precariously on the top before climbing down the other side. Freedom.

At 6 months of age, we took Sioux and some of her litter mates over to a friend's place to have a go on some quiet sheep. We were deciding which one or two to keep and which to sell. On looking at Sioux, our friend suggested "she'd be the first one I'd sell." I never quite understood why but I was a bit peeved as I liked this bitch and had decided she was the one I was keeping. She had been the one I picked at one week of age and I wasn't budging.

Sioux ran her first Open trial in Scotland in 2008 when she was 15 months old - 450 yard outrun, which she nailed like a pro, and finished in 4th place. Two days later, on a bigger course and a blind 650 yard outrun, Sioux finished 5th in the Open. I was gobsmacked at her ability to spot sheep and go out for them so perfectly. But being so young, I decided to keep her away from trials for most of the summer and just play around at home.

As a two year old and in my second year of trialling, Sioux won 5 Open trials and qualified for and ran in her first Welsh National.

Her 2010 trial season results were 3 wins and 21 placings. She qualified for her first double fetch final at Llanarthne in August, finishing 2nd in the final.

The start of the 2011 season saw Sioux place 4 times in trials before being sidelined in May for the rest of the season due to a dislocated toe. She underwent surgery with her toe having to be pinned in four places and her foot placed in a cast for two months. We spent the rest of the year and all winter slowly rehabilitating her.

Sioux made a return to trialling in 2012 and continued her consistent performances. She started to show what I saw as a 15 month old - that she was especially good on the bigger courses. She was 3rd in the Clun trial and then followed this with a 5th place in her first attempt at the Blaenglowon Fawr Talgarreg Double Fetch trial.

Then it was onto the big Defaidty Hill trial two days later. Her first attempt at this trial and she was 3rd in qualifying and went on to finish 5th in the double fetch final.

Trialled more lightly in 2013 (her son, Cade, as born in May), Sioux still managed to win 4 more Open trials. 2014 saw Sioux injured at the beginning of the season but she managed to make it back in time to run in and qualify for the final of the Defaidty Hill trial once again. She finished 4th in the final, beaten out of 3rd place on OLF (outrun, lift and fetch) score by her half sister, Kinloch Penny. It was a good day for team Kinloch.

In 2015 at the Defaidty trial, Sioux finally conquered all and won the double fetch final. I am extremely proud of Sioux for winning this trial. A great day for Team Kinloch. So proud of my little pocket rocket I even got a photo. <--- PROOF

2016 was Sioux's 9th and final year trialling. She was telling me it was time to call it a day on the big courses. She competed once again at the Defaidty Hill trial, our favourite trial, and put up an outstanding run to win her qualifier. In the final, her age started to show and she ran out of legs in the shedding ring, ending up in 9th position. I sadly retired her from trialling at the end of 2016.

2020 - 13 years old and Sioux is still working. She still has fantastic eyesight and hearing, and her desire to work is as big as ever, even if her legs don't allow her to cover the ground as quickly as she would like. She still loves to watch the young ones work and is quite happy to stand on the horn of the truck if things aren't going to way she would like! But she also loves being in front of the fireplace or, better still, lying on the sofa with me. Love her to the moon and back.



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